Quick! Beam Me Away!

escapepodgrrlTrying out the blog signature thing. I thought it was not working cause it didn’t appear on my past posts. But now I see that it puts the code in each new post. I just have to shuffle it down before I begin posting. A neat thing to learn. Will see what it looks like when I post this.

My brother said he would be here today. Already closing in on noon and no sign of him so far. I am planning to get out of here and go to Zellers then take the bus into work. My last day of the working week. I’ve been trying to do all the steps of the phone call thing so I won’t be in more trouble about dead air and not saying all the required lines on my calls. I think I’m getting better at doing it all on remote. Which is a very good thing.

Tired today. Would be nice to just go back to bed and watch tv on and off. But, that is for tomorrow when I can sleep in and be lazy for a few hours. Need to dig around in the piles of stuff I have collected in my bedroom and get everything put away. All the laundry is on my bed cause I haven’t wanted to do it after work and before work I keep thinking I will do it after work. Funny how that never quite works out.

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