Questions on Facebook

I was sucked into Facebook by people at work. Even though only a couple of them seem to use it enough to be actual addicts. It is a way to send notes at least. Beyond that it’s really at the high school level. Lots of little things to do, some I like. There is one where you ask questions and leave your Facebook people to answer them. Here are two I posted this morning when I should have been doing other things.

Would you rather date a guy who looks great, hasn’t got a brain cell to spare and can’t afford to buy you a coffee… or a guy who doesn’t look good though he is clean and tidy and can carry a conversation but also just carries lint in his wallet?

Admit it… wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to have a sexy guy come over, strip down to his boxers, smile in just the right way and… start to wash your windows?

How would you answer?

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