Put your Good Face Forward

It’s a good thing we have a face on the front of our bodies. As I get older and look at myself in various stages of undress. I begin to think that at some age I won’t know which is my back and which is my front. If it wasn’t for having a face on my front that is. I knew there had to be a good reason for evolution to have stuck it on that side.

Some would say it’s so we can see where we are going. But, I’d add that a lot of people spend far too much time looking back and does that mean their face is on backwards?

Of course having the face on front is good in other ways, like finding your mouth while eating. Can you imagine eating if your face was behind your head? It also lets us walk forwards instead of backwards which works out so much better they way our legs are set up.

Anyway, the downside is seeing yourself from the front. It’s fine while you’re young, in good health and cute. When you by-pass the 40 year old mark things begin to change. It’s like anti-puberty. All those curves and bumps which once were something to be proud of now become a bit worn and saggy looking. Just when I’m old enough to really appreciate boobs they start to forget what they are supposed to look like.

I could go on to mention hair which forgets what colour it should be or sprouts from places I’d rather it stayed away from. But, why let others know about those things? Just imagine me as young and lovely with nary a grey hair or chin hair. On my blog I can be forever young and keep my happy face on in front.

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