Project Shut Up and Write

From Rebecca at Project Shut Up and Write:

So, at this point, it seems hopeless right? Throw down the pencil, toss the papers in the trash and move on.


Do not put down the pencil (and definitly don’t throw it- that’s all you need right now is to get sued for blinding someone in the left eye.) Do not toss the papers in the trash. Do not just give up and move on.  There will not be other opportunities–a better time will not come. You need to stop waiting for the future to come and take charge now.

So hopefully you were inspired by my uplifting tangent. Moving on…

Who doesn’t need a push to get to work, even when it’s something you love doing most days? I have a lot of projects that I am not keeping up with as well as I could, especially recently when I’ve been letting outside influences get me down. (Like a lack of employment).

But, no matter what advice, sympathy and support others may give you, we all just need our own version of Project Shut Up and Do It!

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