Privacy Policy

These days you are supposed to have legal stuff on your site. So, here it is. Be happy.

I will not ask you to turn off your ad blocker or block you from seeing my site due to running an ad blocker.

This site is not commercial, not a marketing campaign, not a running advertisement or promotion for a product, service or business. I did try affiliate links, Amazon, in the past. I’m not willing to spend a lot of time to (maybe) make a few pennies. I no longer use affiliate links.

My name is Laura Brown. Web address –

I, personally, do not save data from this site. Only my own.

I do look at traffic to my site which may show your country of origin (where you are located now) and which web browser you are using. Although it is interesting to see different countries people are from, it is a passing interest. I just like seeing someone, other than myself, has been here. I do keep some kind of tally of traffic numbers per day, week, month and year. Only numbers, no personal data from anyone.

At this time I do not run an email list or newsletter. I have in the past but it seems like a lot of trouble for little reason. Plus, running a site with a lot of content takes up a lot of time. An email newsletter just doesn’t seem sustainable.

I do not run anything (with my knowledge) which disables or asks you to disable ad blockers. I also avoid video posts because they take up a lot of bandwidth and I just don’t need them.

However, software I use probably does collect and store information, data, call it what you like. I can not be responsible for that as I don’t really control it or know much about it. I try to avoid software (themes, plugins, etc.) which collect information, track people and so on.

Comments and Contact Forms

At this time I do have comments enabled. Likely by the time you read this (someone may read this some day) comments will be turned off. I do not use a contact form at this time. I do not (personally) collect information or email addresses from comments or any contacts. (Unless I already know you or email you for some reason such as exchanging information you have asked for). Software outside of my control, like Gravatar, does. If you have a problem with that, talk to them.

There is a lot more legal blab which I could muck around with but, the fact is, I don’t invite members to post. I don’t sell anything, though I may post links where I have found things which you can choose to buy. I don’t make commissions, run affiliate links or treat this site like a business. It is not a business – it doesn’t make any money.

Note – I am not interested in hiring anyone for SEO or any related services. I know this is the most ineffective way of getting people to stop spamming me with offers for SEO services. But, I thought I may as well post that here too.