Prepare for Words Matter Week

Words Matter Week – March 6 – 12th.

Try the Blog Challenge Questions. Answer each in your blog on the day they begin.

  • Monday, March 7 – Is there a word that has changed, or could change your life? What is it, and what difference would it make?
  • Tuesday, March 8 – Words can change history. What speech or document do you believe to be most important. Why?
  • Wednesday, March 9 – What is your favorite quote about words. Why?
  • Thursday, March 10 – Words can be mangled, misused, or misunderstood. What is your funniest example of mangling, misuse, or misunderstanding?
  • Friday, March 11 – Words, like moths, are captured by writers who pin them to the page in various forms. What writer’s work most deftly captivates you? Why?

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