Plastic Suspension

Don’t feel like posting anything, no drawing either. I have been having trouble at work for awhile and today I was given a 3 day suspension. Not for making trouble or being bitchy on the phone or anything else you are likely to come up with. I’m just not being a smooth operator, using all the right scripty goodness when I handle calls for the tech support.

Anyway, I’ve been a bundle of nerves and upset for weeks now. Tonight I just feel like I’m not crying. If that makes any sense. But, on the bright side I do have two days off. They counted the half day at work as my first day of suspension. I go back on Friday, work Saturday and then have my week of vacation. Funny timing.

I know they don’t want to fire me, I’m very good on the phone. I just don’t seem to have a knack for fitting in all the scripted elements. The plastic stuff that is just what the marketing department tells them we should say. But, that’s life in the modern age. A lot of artificial plastic. Stuff you can’t recycle, can’t even hope to out live and stuff that you can’t even burn without making a big stinky environmentally hazardous mess.

I think I am going to go out to the bookstore. It’s a long bus trek and I don’t know if I will be able to get to sleep very easily tonight but I put off doing it on my day off before cause I was trying not to spend the extra money. Now I just need something to take the edge of my madness. I feel like a puppet who just had all her strings yanked on too hard.

Update: I’m getting back up on the err… dust bunny. I don’t have anything as big as horse. I still have tomorrow off to fluff up my ego and see if I can go back in there and change things. Thank you for all the comments. Thanks for not making me feel like a whining fool. I really appreciate that.

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