Pixel Art


I love pixel art. I’ve been admiring it for years. I just don’t know how it’s done, though I’ve tried to read tutorials. I’m also not sure what makes one graphic pixel art and not another. I thought all pixel art were those really tiny pictures. But, I’ve seen big ones now too.

I’m slightly confused.

Here are more tutorials:

Pixel Art Projects

Dzygn Forums

Tutorial for making smileys using MS Paint. This is what my idea of “how to make pixel art” is. I may be wrong. It does happen once every grey moon. The same site has a tutorial for Paint Shop Pro.

This site offers smiley making software you can download. I don’t know how well it works, no guarantee from me here. Actually, you can pretty well assume there is never any guarantee from me. It would be the really odd time I’d ever want to committ to anything in that nature.

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