Picking Friends?

Below is the comment I left in a post on Imagination Madness. I thought about shutting up and not posting anything cause I really do not want my thoughts to be taken the wrong way and I especially do not want to hurt anyone or have them feel defensive. I have an honesty problem. Saying what I think, trying to be honest (not bluntly or brutally) has gotten me into a LOT of trouble in the past. People don’t always want to hear honest ideas and opinions. But, in the world of blogging I try to let myself be myself. So, you get to hear what I think. You don’t have to listen. 🙂

Tracy was writing about being bipolar. This was how she ended her post:

Oh yes just before you judge me or drop me like a hot potato because I am manic, just remember, BiPolar is a chemical unbalance/disorder the same as someone who has diabetes has a disorder of “basically” the pancreas produces too much insulin, which when monitored can be controlled, BiPolar is the same, so think about it, would you stop being someones friend because they had diabetes ?

That Grrl’s comment:

I’d stop being friends with someone based on what they do, not on who they are. My brother’s ex girlfriend broke into my Mother’s house and tried to kill my brother’s new girl friend. Her excuse was that she didn’t like taking her medication. The scary thing is that she could have gotten away with killing another person that way. It has happened before. If you find people a little concerned about befriending someone on medication it isn’t a personal thing about yourself, it’s knowing there is a real danger in some cases.

After my experience I’d be a little worried about someone who should be on medication who decides not to. Just as a friend I had in high school who was epileptic. She could have had a fit at any time. I knew her for years. She taught me what to do should she need me to help her. I was glad I never had to but I was glad to know what to do.

I come to visit you almost every day. I’d meet you for coffee and we could chat up a storm. I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to. But, not everyone is that way. As much as you want to be understood you need to try to understand other people too.

Hope you don’t take this as being critical of you. I don’t mean it that way at all. I didn’t post to upset you just to exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences, as blogging gives us the chance to do that.

I think we are a little nervous around anyone we have just met. If you also know the person is epileptic, bipolar, etc you might feel a bit more nervous as it is something you don’t know about, you don’t know if they are taking medication, if you will need to hold their tongue while they have a fit to prevent them choking on it. (Did you know you have to do that if someone has an epileptic seizure?)

Life is interesting and you meet all kinds of people. You find out a bit about them and form opinions about them, yourself and life in general.

What do you think? About any or all of it? What are your thoughts, ideas and experiences?

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