Phone Slavery

I do not understand the popularity of mobile/ cell phones.

Today my brother phoned twice. I think it was him, he didn’t say much other than hello once and then hang up. I phoned back, once. Did not hear from him again so far. But another call came which was junk of some kind, not my brother.

The caller mumbled something I could not understand at all and then was gone. I don’t think it was a wrong number. We keep getting phone calls from some ad someone posted somewhere online, something adult I think. Most of the calls are late at night and all have been men. One of them I talked to said it was something adult, I didn’t ask for details. This has been going on for more than a year, since before the start of the covid pandemonia. (I know that’s not a real word, but its my site).

I kept the phone near by for over an hour in case my brother phoned again. It was annoying having it hanging around while I tried to get laundry done, dumped coffee grounds outside, made coffee, and all the other little things around the house day to day. Why do people choose to live like this? A slave to a telephone.

When mobile phones started they were sold as something you would need in an emergency. There were commercials with people (often young women) stranded on the side of the road calling their parents. Very effective advertising. But, the truth, the reality, is very different years later. When did anyone last have an emergency they needed a mobile phone for versus all the times it is used for silly little things they could have done with or without a mobile phone which costs an arm and a leg each month?

I know of people who spend hundreds of dollars each month on their phone and packages. I balk at paying another $50 a month for a phone along with what I already pay for the Internet and TV. Instead I use MagicJack and pay about $20 a year, including the phone number.

What do people use these phones for, in reality? I see people watching videos, playing games, etc. What I seldom see people using them for – phone calls! Now they want everyone to send a text, not to call them and expect them to answer. I can understand not wanting to feel like a slave to your phone, having to actually answer the thing every time someone calls. But… why not just use email. If you’re reading texts on your phone and paying hundreds of dollars each month, think of all the money you could be spending on fancy coffee, travel, clothes you don’t need, etc instead. Email doesn’t cost anything more than you already pay to access the Internet. How is it worth spending so much more every month to basically read email on a mobile phone? Did you laptop/ desktop die?

Maybe you never bought a desktop or laptop or any other kind of computer. I could understand choosing a smaller phone versus a larger computer. Except for the fact that they cost about the same and the phone has a much smaller screen which makes it harder to see and any websites you look at are smushed up to fit the tiny screen. How is this an advantage? Buy a tablet and check email, at very little extra cost.

Stop being a slave to your mobile phone.

Still haven’t heard from my brother today. I put the phone away back in its cradle ages ago. Likely I will hear from him in email sometime today, at his convenience.

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