Petty Revenge for Annoying Word Verification

I really don’t like word verification, in case you didn’t already know this about me. So, just this afternoon I have come up with a plan!

I wrote a comment to a blog which uses word verification. At the end of my comment I typed:

Your word verification is scoff. Just letting you know since you have the thing turned on.

It really was scoff, ironically enough. But, that gave me the idea of telling every blogger what their word verification says. If they want to inflict the thing upon me I will give them updates about how it is working. You could even write up a prepared speech of a hundred words and just attach it to every comment you make which forces word verification or any of that annoying useless stuff on you. My comment note above was not nasty or demanding, just an additional note. But I thought of lots of less nice things to say and edited myself down to what I quoted above.

Will you do it too? Next time you are at a blog which makes you do word verification tricks in order to give them a comment, will you let them know their word verification is on?

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