Personal Listener

One thing I have usually done with my blog is make into into my own personal listener. Some people have personal trainers, I have a personal listener. I don’t think of whoever reads this as being a listener in particular. That is asking too much of anyone. Who really wants to be leaned on, to hear all the daily upsets, the big problems and major tragedies and come up with something nice to say about it all.

Anyway, it’s not so easy to write to your personal listener and not think about people who read it and will think you only write when you want to whine, rant or complain. That’s not how I want to be seen or thought of. But, still, I have used my personal listener during times when I was troubled and really needed to feel not so alone on the planet.

When do you write to just yourself when you just need to see your words on the page?

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