neosnailmailI used to have dozens of penpals. That was a long time ago. These days I can’t keep up with anyone’s life, barely even my own.

Today I’m looking over the penpal letters. I’ve kept them all in a bag. Most are from the 80’s. I tried to get postcards from my penpals so I could see how things looked where they were. Some would send coins too, just local currency. It cost more for the stamps to send them than the coins were worth.

As I’m going through the letters I’ve been pulling the stamps off all the envelopes. I have never been a stamp collector. My Dad has a stamp collection that’s been in limbo for at least 30 years. But someday I might find someone to donate all these stamps too. I doubt any are really valuable but someone might as well have them. It seems a shame to just toss them all out. I am keeping all my postcards and coins though. I don’t have a good place to put them and now that I’m packing its all just one more job and one more box. But, I’m not ready to toss them this move at least.

I considered starting penpaling again a few months ago. But even the couple I found interesting I never wrote back to more than once. I have plenty of nice stationery left over from the last bout of letter writing. I just don’t have anything settled right now and I do need to get some kind of focus back, a routine would probably be a good thing too.

It sounds like my Mom will drive down on Monday. I hope so. Things are not bad here but not good either. I’m definitely ready to leave and work on whatever comes next. I’m really looking forward to seeing Zack, my nephew.

Anyway, this is enough blabbling for now. I was looking at college courses online but they are too far away, too expensive or too many hours (months, years). Maybe I will find something yet. All I really want is some clue about CGI, Perl and CSS.

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