Does Penmanship Still Count?

We type on the keyboard and now and then pick up a pen for a quick note. Not so long ago we were more likely to hand write than pull out a typewriter to bang out a note on that keyboard. Older typewriters require some force behind fingers.

I miss hand writing. I keep noticing how much less controlled and sloppy looking my handwriting is becoming. Does handwriting still matter to anyone? Did you know schools are not teaching cursive writing any longer? My niece told me about this and asked me to teach her how to write. How strange will the world be when the generation of young people comes who are no longer taught how to write, or print, at all?

You may laugh and think this is silly… but in my generation I won penmanship awards for my cursive script writing. That wasn’t so long ago, considering I’m still far from being a century old.

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