It makes me laugh, in an annoyed way, the way people say they want honesty. Anyone who begins by telling you how honesty is important to them is full of pond scum. Each experience I have had with these honest people has been full of dishonesty, from them. Men lie about their age, as if that’s something they can get away with indefinitely. Women may lie about their weight but that’s only cause men are so shallow and self centred that they can’t look at a woman as a real person. They treat women like disposable sex toys. No need to let her know they aren’t interested after all, just ignore her and she’ll go away like any good sex toy. I am so fed up with this. If a guy doesn’t have the balls to say “thanks but no thanks” he should stick to sex toys of the rubber kind and not involve himself with real women at all. Obviously we are too much for him to handle. He’s much better just handling himself.

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