Paracosm: Your Own Little World


A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world involving humans and/or animals, or perhaps even fantasy or alien creations. Often having its own geography, history, and language, it is an experience that is developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time: months or even years.

via Paracosm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I was told I was living in my own little world, as a kid. I haven’t fully moved in or integrated into this one as an adult. I do acknowledge it’s existence. It’s nice having a world of your own making to fall back into. I’ve always got company there. The things I like are just waiting for me.

What would your paracosm look like? What would you find there? Likely all sorts of things you put away to make room for being an adult, a Mother, a Father, a full time employee, a career-minded individual, a bill-paying tax payer, and all of those things we do as responsible adults in the real world.

Take a minute to dip a toe into your own little world. Remember who you are, the core of yourself. You are more than the adult you had to grow up to be.

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