Paleofuture: The Old Future Plans

Paleofuture is a blog that looks at past predictions of the future. Remember flying cars, meal pills, hoverboards, jetpacks, robot maids…?

What past prediction, or fictional invention would you most like to have become real and available for everyday use? For me a time machine is the first thing I think of. But, that’s a really complicated thing to make available for everyday use. Even in fiction they have figured out that it would have to be very controlled in it’s use. So, next on my list would be robots that follow your commands whether you have them clean windows, fix the garage door or give you a long, long, long… massage. Robots who serve and yet can be easily stored away under your bed, in the back of your closet, etc.

There are so many simple predictions and inventions on the Paleofuture site. I’ve never heard of several of them so just reading about the idea for the first time interests me.

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