Own Your Blog Again

I have a question for you today. If your blog were not in part focused on getting readers, traffic and money making… what would you do differently? If you really took back ownership of your blog, made it a project of love again, just for you; how would you change it?

I would add colour. Not just any colour or just a little bit to highlight and be pretty. Oh no! My very first true personal blog was red on red. Really, deep, dark, vibrant red background with a white font so it could still be read. It wasn’t easy to read. All that red was hard on the eyes, even for me and I loved it.

I feel the new round of blogs are missing that personal flavour. When you blog just for yourself you are free to be as creative or tasteless as you like. Now, with the focus on making your blog for the hypothetical reader a lot of that has been shafted.

I’m working on adding that red back to this blog. It’s coming, but in a more tasteful way than my old blog. Compromise maybe but I won’t be sucked under pandering to what people want.

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