Outreach Associate

Found this job description on ProBlogger tonight:

Guest Posting Team is looking for a Outreach Associate

We require a number of intelligent, experienced guest post assistants to work with us on various client projects.

Our aim is to secure guest posts on behalf of clients on respected niche blogs and big name websites.

Your role will involve following up with the leads that we present to you in order to secure a successful placement of content. You will be responsible for working up blog post ideas to pitch to the prospective host websites.

We have a world-class  freelance writing team with specialists in almost every industry who will then create the content to your specifications ready for you to send back to the host website in order to create a win-win-win situation. Great content for the reader, client objectives achieved and something top-notch for the blogger.

We have a structured, highly-effective process and we are looking to add smart individuals to increase our capacity.

Something new. A middleman/ woman for selling guest posts to bloggers. I wonder if they are using computer generated content rather than an actual living and breathing “world-class freelance writing team”. So they need someone to tell the computers what to write, what the sites are most likely to accept as a guest post. A computer can search keywords but still not get the flavour or the voice of the blog right. So they need a human for that middle ground. Then 100 monkeys will get together and write that guest post. Makes me all warm and tingly just thinking about how world-class that content will be.

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