Oooo It’s Almost Midnight….

Is that putting a little curl in your hair. Do you get a bit nervous, checking around dark corners and getting the jitters at each little noise? Don’t let the clock spook you out. Pretend it’s 12 noon instead.

Why do people think one 12 is so different from the other? Does the lack of daylight really make such a huge difference.

I don’t think it should. Noon can be just as ominous as midnight. It’s a time between. Creepy things can happen at noon too. Just keep your eye out for them, you’ll see general noon creepiness soon enough. Be expecting it… beware… it’s out to get you!

Now that I’ve made you all paranoid…

Not much going on here. I’m thinking about going to bed with a good book. Too bad none of the dating stuff has been working out so I could be going to bed with a good book and a warm manly body too. (No, I’m not saying my body is manly – I just know one of you will be thinking that).

Isn’t that one of the nice things about being with someone. I miss all those silly, everyday, nothing things like grocery shopping, a shared joke no matter how lame and being really glad on those nights when I get to bed first so I can roll myself in the blankets and make sure he doesn’t get to hog them all first. The silly little important things like that. 🙂

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