On the Dating Front

For such a blabber mouth of a grrl I have so little I want to write about my dates. I guess part of that is keeping some thoughts to myself, odd for me but it does happen. Part of it is not wanting to say anything someone else will read and take away as a negative thing. Part of it is that I am kind of lost in this whole dating game thing and I really wish someone would give me the basics of the rules to the game. Not that I’d really read or understand them anyway.

The dates (there were 2 – one Friday and one Sunday) went fine. I enjoyed meeting new people and having a coffee out. There was no love at first site and I wasn’t really expecting or wanting that. Life isn’t like something out of a romance novel. You have to know someone, find out who they are, before you can let yourself feel deep things for them and care for them to the extent of actually loving them. I don’t sell love cheaply.

Think about the people you really do love. That didn’t just happen. Families go through a lot and stick together and that builds real love. It’s just not something anyone should expect at a first meeting.

Now I feel silly and think I should just delete this mush post. Blech!

Mainly, I am still dating, trying to meet people I have things in common with. Although I miss sex, I don’t miss screwing any willing, warm body. I miss being with someone I care about and then having sex together. I don’t want to call it lovemaking, that’s just over hyped now. I don’t have to be in love to have sex wtih someone. But, I don’t feel all that casual about it either.

This is a silly post cause I really don’t see dating and sex as being about the same thing at all. Yet it keeps coming up that way because so many men do see it as dating in order to get sex. It makes them sound so cheap. I don’t want someone like that. I’ve never been a slut why would I want to date someone who is? Ick! I don’t want to wonder where that’s been.

Anyway, two more first dates which really weren’t dates as I was really looking for someone to take photos with more than someone to begin any kind of a romance with. That’s how it should be. Not all that pressure to be Mr or Ms Right. Just two people who share some interests, seeing if they enjoy each other’s company. That’s enough.

Sometimes I still think I don’t want to date at all. I’d like to just meet people and get out and do things and have some fun. Fun, without the pressure of actually having to like anyone. It’s enough just to like myself at times.

Pattern for the crochet daisy above.

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