Oh My, Keanu!

There is a local woman making claims that Keanu Reeves is the Father of her four children. The children are mostly grown up now and she wants Keanu to pay her for their child support and her own common law (or some such idea) support retroactive to when they first got together. Keanu is not talking about it but his representative has commented to the newspaper, the local one. I doubt her story…

I’ve had my own long, passionate, drawn out, affair with Keanu for years. I’m sure he would have mentioned her at some time. Our six kids, most of them gone away to universities around the world now, like to talk to “Daddy” on the phone every weekend. Now that the kids are away Keanu just about lives here when he isn’t making movies. The sex is mad. He’s just a lusty dragon of a man in bed and a romantic soul out of it. Keanu is one hot, mad, squirmy male submissive too. Moaning, pleading and twitching, he looks really great tied to my bed, in the doorway and over the chair. (Not all at the same time). In the showers… well, can’t give away too much. A grrl has to keep a few secrets.

Write about your own passionate, secret lust filled affair with a celebrity. Just for fun. No Keanu’s were slept with before or during the making of this blog post.

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