Offalings Not Accepted Here

Guest posting is not worth the time it takes to moderate, edit and argue about it. Why do all that for a post which isn’t paying you anything? I accept the odd paying post or text links, if they pay. I’m willing to put in some time working with them. But, the freebie guest posts are very seldom worth posting.

It’s very rare to be offered a guest post which is actually relevant to my site. Most of them don’t spend any time beyond looking at keywords and page rank. Some of them know how to use spellcheck. Some of them submit something that looks like comment spam. This blog is written by a human being, not a machine. If they can’t appreciate that, I can’t take the time to read their offalings.  (Offlalings = offal + offerings).

If you still accept or seek out guest posts for your site why do you and what do you get out of it?

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