October Babbling

I don’t know why it seems like such an effort to write anything the past couple of months. Maybe I’m confusing myself with a bear, thinking I’m going into hibernation. Whatever it is I’m not going to win any prizes for keeping my blog going.

Tonight is the last day of my working week. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Already making some plans for a road trip. Anyone know of an abandoned house on the way south to the town of Simcoe? I was going to try the Orangeville area as I have a few around there which I have been intending to get to. I think I will have my own car for November so that will make the road trip plan easier as I will only need to arrange my own time and gas money.

I lost my password for Ubuntu so now I have to delete the whole thing and reinstall it just to do anything at all with it. Why does it make you have a damned password in the first place? Will it blow up if someone else looks at it? I don’t have a password on my computer so I really do not want one on anything else. It’s like those stupid car alarms. They only person they go off on is the owner of the car. If anyone was actually stealing the car they would never go off at all. (Or they would be ignored). People really need to get rid of some of their issues with needing security. If you really feel that paranoid hire your own personal body guard. Hire one to stand around all day and guard your car and another for the computer and another for the bathroom in case someone doesn’t flush.

At least you’d be helping out your community by offering employment to people who might have been passed over at the local telemarketing company or McDonalds. Go you! But you may need a second job yourself to pay for all that security. Still, you’d always have someone hanging around, protecting you, your privacy and your goods and services and whatever other flotsam and jetsam.

I think it would be like getting suffocated with your own security blanket. I know it would drive me crazy.

Soon time for the working day. Sunday was kind of an easy day. Nearly all the calls were just reboots. Monday isn’t likely to be so easy. Most people save up their really big messes for Monday. Meanwhile Saturday is when all the lunatics phone. I guess that’s the day the guard at the asylum has off.

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