Oblique Strategies

Feeling stuck? Looking for inspiration? Try drawing from Oblique Strategies, a deck of cards containing commands and phrases meant to inspire. Put together by musician Brian Eno and his friend, painter Peter Schmidt, and used while working on Eno’s 1975 album, “Another Green World,” Oblique Strategy commands include: “Try faking it!,” “Put in earplugs,” and “Listen in total darkness,”

To replicate the technique yourself, keep a stack of index cards on your desk, and any time creative impulse strikes, write down a new command. The commands can be very specific (“wash the dishes”) or deliberately vague (“simplify”). However, note that the idea is that you need to have created your deck before you’re in those pressure situations and when you’re not obsessing over your work, as it’s going to be tough to come up with a bunch of oblique strategies when a deadline is looming!

via Web Life – GigaOM – Salon.com.

What would you write on your oblique cards?

  • Get to bed earlier.
  • Dump out old coffee, make fresh.
  • Down grade.
  • Change mind.
  • Put something away.
  • Step outside.
  • Clean junk drawer.
  • Get out the coloured markers.
  • Brush hair.
  • Put on the radio.
  • Day off.
  • Fortify.

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