Objectify Your Front Page

Does your front page guide your reader into your blog? Or do you kind of leave them to fumble their way around?
This is part of a post at ProBlogger for the 31DBBB:

Think about Objectives and Call to Action – one question to ask when looking at your blog’s front page is ‘what are your objectives?’ What do you want people to do when they arrive on your blog for the first time (remember your front page is a logical place for new people to be visiting)? Do you want people to subscribe to an RSS feed or newsletter, click an ad, tell a friend, drive them to your best content, buy a product, hear your story…. what do you want them to do? Once you’ve identified your objective you can then position a call to action in a prime location on your blogs front page.

If I look at my own front page I am not accomplishing my goal as well as I could be. My goal is to have people find my content. But the top post is not always one that really gives the best face forward for my blog. How can any one post really speak for your blog all the time? So I need to find something to stick a selection of my posts in a place where they can easily be seen by first time visitors.

Something else to work on.

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