Notice a Change?

I just added Genesis as the theme here. It needs some CSS to flip things around. I will likely get something done over the weekend. It does have a clean look, a bit too much space in odd places right now and not the font I like for titles and headers. Nothing I can’t work out. Maybe it will end up being a child theme by the time I’ve got it worked out.

There are a load of Genesis plugins. I think it relies on them a bit too much. I would say it is not a theme/ framework for anyone who can’t deal with some HTML and CSS customizing. The framework doesn’t come with many options for customizing it. Thesis was much better that way, more user friendly (until version 2 came out).

Update: The update is I’m not using Genesis. Seems the only way to use Genesis is to write your own child theme. At which point, what is the point of having Genesis? Right now I’ve gone back to another premium theme I bought a couple of years ago. Nice to get some use form them now and then.

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