Not the Standard in Goal Getting

On the HubPages Answer section someone asked how you keep/ reach goals you set, what helps you to get there. I thought about it a bit and then wrote:

I don’t tell anyone else about my goal. That goes against popular opinion. But, once I tell someone I have to listen to their advice, their nagging, etc. That is almost a guarantee that I will end up giving up and forgetting the whole thing. It doesn’t matter that they mean well. My family tend to analyze and pick on everything, looking for every least negative thing. They don’t understand how discouraging that is.

Not everyone has people who are negative or overhelpful in this way. But, I do. You have to learn what your support network is like and deal with the reality. So many of the guides to personal inspiration, etc are about generic people. Or, ideal people and stereotypical situations. Take all the advice you read with the understanding that your life may differ.

Think about your own family and friends, do you have the typical sort of support where you have people who act like the people the self-help guides write about? Or, do you deal with real people who don’t always give you the kind of help you’d really like?

What would you say the the most difficult person – the one who thinks everything you do is nonsense, or not practical, etc? Keep whatever you write and don’t do anything with it – don’t give in to the temptation to tell them what you really think. Not until you’ve had some time to reconsider. But, it’s good for you to know and understand how even people with good intentions won’t always give you the kind of help and support you would like.

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