Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

This morning I thought I would get an early start on writing the post for Word Grrls. So, before I checked email, started breakfast or even tamed my hair mop I opened WordPress. But, I’m not quite ready for prime time.

Still, I wrote up the post and actually had it done, set to print, then my computer decided it was a good time to run an OS update. So it took every last resource on this computer and sucked it dry until it was done. Even after it was done it froze up until I rebooted. When I loaded up again nothing was left of my post but the title. I couldn’t get it saved before I rebooted. Maybe if I had waited an hour… but the plan was to get an early start and now I’m hungry for breakfast and my hair is a mop stuck out of the way with a big hair clip. The day is progressing along but I still don’t have a post, posted. So that’s my early morning story for the day.

What can you come up with for ‘not quite’? Something kind of ironic. I remember there was a place called Not Quite the Rosdale Library in Toronto. I was never there but the name stuck in my mind.

Not quite a snow day.

Not quite grammatically correct.

Not quite the end of the road.

Not quite ready to be funny yet.

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