Not as Sick as I Thought I Was

ripsickgrrlStill pulling everything together after the loss of my sidebar content. I don’t have any of the blogrolls and webrings up again. Trying to come up with a better plan for those. They take up a lot of space. I wish Blogger let you create subpages as you can on WordPress. Then I would put each blogroll and webring on it’s own page and link to it in the sidebar. I know I can make each one roll/ ring a separate blog entry and do pretty much the same but it’s just not the same.

It looks really nice outside today. But it’s kind of cold inside. They are saying it is a cold, wintery weekend. Not looking forward to that. Not fun to wait for the bus and freeze. Nice if we can get out early from work and get the bus home though. Seems to be much less cold to get the bus home versus getting the bus to work. Same walking distance and same waiting time in either case.

Not much going on here today. I was feeling sick this morning and called in for work. But I feel fine now. Guess I just needed that extra sleep to get rid of whatever bug it was.

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