Not Another Profile

computergrrlIn the time I have been online (started 1996) I’ve written a lot of profiles, bios, etc. It does not get easier. For some reason I don’t ever like to write the same thing twice, for any site or network. So, finding something to inspire new ideas is a nice find for me. I found this profile on Studio 30 Plus, written by Kelly.

Kelly – Administrator (Twitter)

Kelly isn’t your typical narcissistic blogger so she won’t mention her blog (Naked Girl in a Dress) or places her work has appeared (IndieInk, Blissfully Domestic, Studio30 Plus Magazine, Girlfriendology). She also avoids promoting her writing and gathering followers on social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook). On the rare occasion when Kelly isn’t re-reading her own writing, she is probably texting while listening to Pandora.

It’s not something completely new but it’s not the standard either. I appreciated it and decided to pin it up as an example for everyone who needs something to inspire them for writing yet another profile, about me or bio.

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