No Pets, No Cigarettes

I’m vagabonding again today. Taking a trip down to Newmarket to help my sister. Yesterday she had a muscle in her leg explode, again. She plays a lot of tennis and volleyball, mainly tennis. Anyway, she is supposed to stay off her feet for a couple of weeks, longer would be better. But I’m sure she is hobbling around. There are two little girls at home, 3 and 1. They don’t take a day off.

Anyway, I found a single bed and computer desk on Craigslist last night. The only downside I can see is that they are black. But the price is right, $60 for them both. I asked about no pets, I have allergies. But forgot till this morning to ask about smoking. I sent an email to find out about that this morning. I tend to assume everyone is a non-smoker.

I’m arranging for my brother in law (who offered to move some things for me) to pick them up and take them to the Beaches. Though I don’t know if he can do both by himself. I hope my brother can go along to help. No doubt something will get worked out.

Zack is having a bad time lately. He was a mouthy jerk to me a few times yesterday and then wanting to hug and be friends again a short time later. The trick is he wanted to, I was still mad. It bothers me how it is so much like domestic abuse. He flails at her and then wants to be forgiven and etc. Zack also wants to cling to me and yet he is destructive towards me too. It’s complicated with abusive relationships. I want to help him but I think, now, that I can’t. I grew up with an abusive Dad and I’m likely a good target for more of the same from other people. That doesn’t mean I have to let it happen. Though I don’t know what to do about it. Zack and I have always gotten along. I’ve always been on his side and helped him and we have done a lot of good things together. Now I must be the easiest one for him to take out frustrations on because we have an easy relationship. Likely that is what abusive people see in me. Some day I will read more about that whole thing. For now I’m just handling as well as I can. I will be moved away by the end of this month (knock on something woodsy).

Right now I have an oven to clean.

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