New Year Resolutions

newyearasciiIt’s been awhile since I wrote any New Year’s resolutions. But, in the spirit of trying to get organized, turning over a new leaf and setting some goals for myself, I’m going to give it a try.

I am only going to make three resolutions:

  1. I will be more physically active, exercise or just getting myself out of this chair and out of this room/ house more often.
  2. I will make a plot/ plan for the fiction I want to write and use this to keep myself on track with the writing of the whole thing.
  3. I will keep drawing or in some way illustrating my own posts myself. Though, I give myself leeway to skip some days if I have too much on my plate at the time.

That will be enough to keep, or try to keep up with. Those are reasonable goals which I could manage to do. Also, they are things I am interested in doing rather than stuff I will have to push myself to do to a huge extent. Yet, challenging enough that I will have to work to meet these goals.

How about you? Even if you don’t make a list or tell anyone about them, do you have a goal for 2011?

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