New Old HP All-in-One

I bought this for half the sticker price ($19.99) at the thrift store yesterday. It was 50% off for Friday only. Now I will have a fax machine instead of having to get someone to fax for me. Will be handy now that I am looking for another job, again. The only things I will need to figure out are getting a CD/ files for the install if I need them and getting a USB cord as it is not with the hardware. I’m also hoping Windows Vista is not going to be a pain about running this, I’ve heard it can be temperamental when it comes to hardware. I’ve been lucky so far though.

Update: HP is an absolutely lovely company! I found the download drivers and extras for this All-in-One without any trouble at all, right on their site. All I had to do was open the file and let it load up. Everything is working now. I already tried a scan. Still don’t have the fax set up as I need to puzzle out how to get one more hardware item plugged into the phone jack section.

One interesting thing for everyone to take note of… as I was registering on HP I was given the option of keeping the name and phone number from the old owner of this machine. I bet no one thinks to delete their registration information when they recycle old electronic hardware. I wouldn’t have. But, all my recycling has been to give it to someone I know. In this case they left it at the thrift shop for any anonymous human to pick up.

I thought about calling and asking if they kept the original installation CD from it, also the USB cable would have been a nice bonus. Right now I am just giving double duty to my USB cable from the little scanner (which is also an HP machine).

Won’t my brother be surprised when I send him a fax. He gets back from the west coast (British Columbia here in Canada) this next week I think. I can have a note waiting for him. 🙂

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