New Glasses on the Grrl

newglasesgrrlI picked up the new glasses today. They are purple framed and a different shape from the old ones. A bit longer across the face. Linda came too and got her nose piece fixed. She says the new glasses look better on me than the old ones. That is always a good thing to hear. I’m not so sure, yet. Still getting used to them on my face. Still feels like I’m in a fishbowl but it is getting better. I think I like them and that’s a good thing for sure.

Back to work again tomorrow. I’ve been dreading it all day every time I think of it. Graham and Tony are supposed to be out tomorrow to do some more home repair/ renovation work. He is talking about painting my room again, telling me to get everything out of it. Would be a handy time to be fired from the tech support job so I could vacate the premises which they paint. I could stay with my sister. I’m really allergic to fresh paint. I wouldn’t be too worried but I have not bothered to get another prescription for the asthma inhaler all this winter. I have not needed it, maybe only used it three times in the past few months. So, did not do anything about refilling it. With paint in the house it will be a different story now. I hope they are not going to get doing it yet.

My sister says she is going to print and fax the contract for BOTW tomorrow. So I have that to look forward to starting. I am too! Each time I look at the blog section there my fingers are itching to dig in. It really needs some work! I checked 5 listed sites and 4 of them need to be deleted as the blog is no longer being kept updated. I’m also making plans in my own mind for restructuring and having qualifications for getting listed at all. Nothing too tough, but practical for having them listed in a directory. Mainly in the case of blogs which are about blogging, seo, monetizing and technology in general. There are just too many of them out there, all saying the same thing. I think there need to be restrictions on which get listed. I’ve never been a blog snob, always listed just about anything that wasn’t abandoned or chocked with ads. But, that is going to change in this case. It needs to be made into a worthwhile resource. I’m putting my time and energy into it so I want it to show up well.

I found the website of the production? company behind the Urban Explorers TV series.

Urban Explorers

13 x 60

A shadowy figure stands on the edge of blackness inside a cavernous industrial shell lit only by a tiny headlamp. Somewhere in the darkness ahead lies a secret entrance to a forgotten tunnel system, burrowed deep beneath the city. It’s rumored to be a place of homeless ‘mole’ people, graffiti masterpieces and unknown danger. Follow our team as they discover urban landscapes that only the fearless would dare to explore.

Sent a note asking if they are continuing to make more of the series.

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