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A Breath of January

The last day of the first month. It sounds magickal. But, so far, I’ve never heard of anyone else having a special ritual for this day. I’ve always thought January was a special month. Not just cause it’s the first month of the new year.

It’s named for Janus, the Roman god of portals. Each year January is our portal to a fresh start. But, I feel it’s not like most Pagan holidays. Usually there is some looking back, some sorting out – decluttering. Instead I think January is a month to only look ahead. Don’t start planning your Spring cleaning. Don’t look at old photographs, old journals or anything with dust of the past on it.

January is like a fresh breeze sweeping in to clear away the cobwebs. Think of it as a door opening to a room that has been shut up for a year. Imagine that first current of fresh air flooding into the old air and pushing it aside, enlivening the whole place all at once. That is what January feels like to me.

January is a portal, use it, pull yourself ahead into the new year. No looking back at what was, what might have been or what never will be. Today, on the last day of January the portal is wide open. The future is there, staring you in the face. Fortune favours the bold, reach out and grab it. What ever you want to bring into your life this coming year is there, in the path, just ahead of you. If you’re bold, like January, you can get there. It might take you till the end of this year, but you can get there.

Every journey starts with one single, small step.

Happy January 31st.

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