NeoPet Addiction

I didn’t expect I would be sucked into the site this way, but I am. Just overnight, I’ve become a NeoPet addict. I have begun trading neopoints for unique, odd virtual things. I am saving points for a house with a garden now though so the trading has to mellow out for awhile. My uni and I are aiming for one of the more picturesque neighbourhoods, maybe Kiki Island. We want a real garden spot too. Neither of us care that much about inside of the house. Uni wants chocolate, I’m trying to help him see the value of fruit instead. I don’t think I’m convincing either one of us all that well.

Did I mention I have a cold? I’m sure that’s the whole problem. I’m just light headed, soon I will go back to being me again. Maybe… meanwhile… got any good stuff you want to trade, cheap?

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