Nasty Boys Like to Pick on Lonely Women

Perfect men are here.

Rippling muscles, washboard stomaches, well groomed, zit-free, perfect men in short. Just pick which one you want.

They must be perfect, how else could they choose to pick on women who have written personal ads? Why would they be nasty about a woman’s size, shape or lifestyle unless they are so very perfect themselves?

Couldn’t be they are being nasty little boys to make up for some lack in themselves could it?

Actually, I didn’t get annoyed reading this. I just felt really awful for some of the women who really were torn apart by the boys posting here. Also, is this really how they choose to spend their time? Couldn’t they go out and step on ants or something more productive?

The oddest thing of all, is that I never would have seen the reference to my ad on this site except for Craigslist sending me an email about it. I wonder why they would do that? Why stir up such an upset for women?

Dear craigslist poster,

You are a topic of discussion on this message board. Care to defend yourself?

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