Nair Removal

I’m not a big hair removal fan. I only shave my legs if I have to. But last week I saw some thing in WalMart which is supposed to remove hair without shaving, ripping or melting my skin either. It’s Nair 3 in 1. So I’m going to give it a try today. The plan was to use it just on my calves but now that hair that grows under my belly button is looking like a good place to get rid of some hair too.

Nair didn’t work all that well. Although it got rid of most of the hair it left me patchy so I used a razor after the shower to get rid of the patches of hair. Maybe I didn’t put it on thick enough. I’d be willing to try it again. I still have more than half the bottle left I think. It does smell a little strong, not unbearable and it is nice for leaving my legs softer feeling. The razor usually leaves me scratchy feeling. Also, I did have an easier time just showering it off than I do when I try to use the gel and razor in the shower.

I would like to know what effect it has on your fingernails if you use it for a long time. Since you are spreading it by hand a lot of it gets on and around your fingernails.

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