My Yahoo Gets RSS Feeds

My Yahoo has a note up about a new beta version. The first thing to catch my eye was Webshots as options in the beta portal. I’ve been using Webshots ages, even my Mother noticed the great photographs on my desktop.

That was just the frozen little tip of the iceberg however. I was really pleased to see that they have begun integrating all the RSS feeds into My Yahoo. I know Yahoo 360 Degrees has RSS feeds but they will be much more useful for me here. I really don’t want to get started in yet another online community or blog network. Having all the RSS feeds I can shake a stick at in one portal is going to be a lot of fun! Not to mention very practical too, of course. Fun… who said that?

I’ve been using Yahoo for at least eight years. The Yahoo Profiles and My Yahoo portal have always been useful but not very appealing looking. The colours to choose from in the profiles are pretty dull. The whole colour thing is one reason I’ve never gotten into Yahoo. Small and petty but reality.

I’m glad they are revamping the portal. Sadly, they seem to have taken away the option of changing the colours for your profile. I couldn’t find it. At least they updated the look of the profile. I’m disappointed not to have the same options for colours and wallpaper which My Yahoo portal pages have been given.

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