My Idea – Fast Food Happy Meals for Pets

Fast food restaurants should begin serving happy meals for pets.

People seem to be having less human children and more pets. Some call themselves their pet’s parent. (I have never called myself the parent of an animal). People seem to need to keep their pets with them and bring them in the car. So, why don’t fast food restaurants have a happy meal for cats, another for dogs, one for assorted other pets like snakes, gerbils, rats, etc.

Likely the pet people would love this. Pets get thirsty and hungry too. Shopping trips, road trips, or just feeling like some hot French fries… why not also treat your pet?

On the plus side for restaurants (and people like myself who don’t want pets in stores), the pet stays in the vehicle. No one gets bitten, has asthma or allergies and there is no poo to scoop – but pet mommies and daddies can give their animal a pet fast food treat while they have their own people fast food.

Start planning the packaging.

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