My Hair is Gone

I cut off most of my hair today. Photo to follow, maybe. I miss my hair. It’s over six inches shorter if you count from the back where it was longest.

Once upon a time, the last time I got my hair cut short (like this), I promised myself I would never get a short haircut again. I would not listen to the people who say how much more updated this looks, how it shows off my eyes, doesn’t drag my face down and will be ever so much lighter, healthier and bouncier. Why did I let them cut my beautiful long hair?

Disaster is likely to follow… I feel so weak… so bald… The back of my neck is exposed and I’m getting cold chills down running down my back! No wonder old people wear shawls, it’s not cause their blood stops circulating, it’s their short haircuts that cause the chills and likely seizures too when they realize what they’ve lost among all that hair on the Salon floor.

I’m going to mourn now. Likely I will wear a scarf while mourning, to prevent sudden aging.

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