Moving in January

We’ll be moving in January, to a town called Alliston. It’s farther north than we are now and I won’t really want that much of a commute to keep working at the same Zellers. There’s another Zellers in the town but I’ve pretty much had enough of working in retail. Some people really come in there looking for someone to make feel smaller than they do themselves. It’s pitiful. Although they make me angry I feel sorry for them too. Not enough to forgive them or forget them however. There is one guy I’d especially like to see in the last few days I’ll be working there. How surprised he would be to have one of the customer service people not put up with his attitude. The mouse that roared kind of deal.

Anyway, we had the Zellers Christmas party on Saturday night. It was ok. I would have had more fun if I’d come with a date. But, that never seems to happen.

Not much else to type about. I’ve been coughing a bit so I must be catching some cold from customers at work already. That’s another fun thing about working in a huge department store. 🙁

Take care, I won’t promise to update more often. If you read these things often you know how likely that is to actually happen. Merry Christmas if I don’t see you between now and then.

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