Moving Ha Ha Hee Hee…

To the funny farm…

I almost moved down to the Beaches apartment this week. It is put on hold yet again. But, this time I actually think I may be living there before the end of October. How weird. To actually move several months after planning to move.

I may not have Internet for awhile. Once I leave here. I am coming back Friday, after a meeting downtown about financial aid for moving and bus passes so I can look for work once I’m really there.

Today was my sister’s birthday. The unmarried sister who went to Montreal with friends for her birthday. My other sister is complaining about her husband and not spending too much time looking after her three kids, two of them have bad colds.

I hope she went to Zack’s basketball game this evening. He was sad that we didn’t drive down to go. But, it had the first snow here today. People drive like idiots on the day of the first snow. If you can avoid being on the road it’s a good idea to stay safely at home eating apple pie. That’s what we did.

Are you superstitious or nervous about Friday the 13th? I’m not. It’s my sister’s birthday. She was born on this date, on a Friday, 34 years ago. (I think it’s 34).

That’s about all the chit chat I have. I’m wiped out from the antihistamine I took for my headache. It was a Tylenol so it did get rid of the headache I’ve been stuck with since yesterday. Now I’m just really ready to be sleeping. I have to get up really early though. It’s about a 2 hour trek to get downtown to the Beaches. Maybe longer as we will be hitting the rush hour traffic.

But, I will be back here for the weekend. Not sure after that. Not that anyone really knows what the future holds. But, most people have something they can count on. I can count on my fingers and that seems to be about it. I never was good with math.

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