Moving Forward in Life?

This came in a locally delivered newsletter. No credit given to whoever wrote it originally so I don’t know who or where it came from.

Are We Moving Forward in Life?

Well, that’s a silly question, isn’t it? Life and time moves forward and onward with or without us!

Life can pull us along and we can allow it to take us where it leads us. In doing so we will surrender control to anyone who happens to drift into our path.

Or, we can take control and move life forward under our own sail. We can take control and go where we want to go.

Taking control will require some effort and even some sacrifices. Firstly, we will have to believe in ourselves, know that we really can be the masters of our life. This will not always be easy because once we set in motion the actions required to change the direction challenges, obstacles  and setback will happen, it will be our belief in ourselves that will get us through.

Next we need to adjust our attitude, we need a can-do, positive frame of mind. Eliminate negative thoughts and feelings of being undeserving or inadequacy. Keep our mind firmly focused on where we want to go and what we are looking to achieve. We must be prepared to take risks and realize that risks are necessary to achievement, as are a few failures along the way. even the turtle doesn’t move ahead unless he sticks his neck out.

Finally we need a total commitment to change. Change ourselves, our thinking, our action, our words even some of our associations.

If we adopt these steps in gaining control of where our life is headed we will: catch the wind in our sails, ride the current and become the master of our own life.

It’s all up to you!

Blame any typos on me. I was testing my speed typing skills when I typed this from the original. I still don’t know what my actual speed is but I’m getting better at typing from copy. Speed comes from not second guessing yourself so much as you type it.

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