Move your Links from One WordPress Blog to Another Easily

opmlI have a large collection of links. I add them using the bookmarklet feature with WordPress. I was surprised that WordPress removed the blogroll from the new versions. Why? I enjoy collecting links, hoarding them you might say.

But, when I decided to shuffle my blogroll links from one domain to another… I was left doing it one by one. One link at a time with a list of over 500 was a bigger project than I really wanted to start. So, I found another way to do it.

It is actually very simple to import your WordPress blogroll from one WordPress blog into another WordPress blog.

Go to the site you want to import the links to. (Tools > Import > Blogroll). If you don’t already have the blogroll importer on the list you can get it through WordPress  (just click on Bogroll).

Highlight the following link BUT replace the no-name domain with the domain which currently has the links/ blogroll you want to export (the links you will be importing).

Paste the link into the OPML feed box.

You can select a category to import the links into. This will let you sort them out before adding them all to any existing links you have.

Click the button and wait for the links to load up. Mine took a few minutes, but I did have a lot of them.

It works! I did it for my own site and all is well. Of course, now I have to go through and check each link, decide where it will fit in my new categories. But, I would have been doing that either way.

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