More Smiles Needed

smilemilegrrlWe need more smiley sites. There are tons of sites about blogging but only a few really good ones with gadgetry for adding smiles to your blog. I think people take smiles for granted. Just look at that nice new orange smiley thing I added today. Can you really look at that orange and not feel a little better? You’d have to be severely depressed or deceased. Even the depressed would have to be unable to see it to not feel at least a tug of happy.

I will look for more smiley things when I am back from work tonight. Don’t want those which have a splog link, I try to watch for those kind of freeloader sites. It’s enough that you take a chance giving away your email address just to join any site at all these days.

It bugs me when some sites and forums insist on having your email just to read them at all. I almost never join those. It’s asking too much to give away something without even getting a glimpse of what you are getting into.

I often say (only partly as a joke) that it would be really nice/ handy to have a male slave. Just think of how useful a man could really be if he could be useful. (Little woodchuck thing there). Today for instance, a male slave could have been a reason to stay in bed a little longer this morning. I really do like a rainy day. The only thing missing today is having the time off work to enjoy it. A male slave would make himself my chauffeur for the day. Today would be an excellent day to be out taking more photos of abandoned houses. I have several locations I want to get to. Most of them are scattered over Ontario. It is a real week long project. A male slave would be handy to drive around while I navigate and watch for other sites no one has covered, at least no one I know of. Then we could stay in a hotel/ motel over night and do more male slave fun and games.

I’ve been thinking of something else I can do as a blog reward type of thing. Lots of ideas and yet none have that feeling of being just right. I’m working on it. 🙂

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