Monster Self Help Guides

Molly Harper writes a series of paranormal fiction books about Jane Jameson, vampire librarian. I just finished reading the second book this morning. So nice to be lazy and finish a book while snuggled under the covers in bed.

There was a preview of the next book in the series along with her traditional pretend book excerpt which appear at the start of each chapter in her books. (Confused? You’ll just have to find one of her books and take a look).

The title of the imaginary book being quoted in the third book is: Love Bites: A Female Vampire’s Guide to Less Destructive Relationships. It made me laugh.

Write some ideas for your own self help guide books for monsters, fictional creatures or paranormal types.

  • Let Them Eat Cake!: 1,001 Fish Recipes for Lake Monsters with Finicky Appetites.
  • When Your Shedding Gets on Her Last Nerve: A Male Werewolf’s Guide to Helping Out Around the House.
  • A Real Scorcher!: Help for Lonely Dragons in Love with Human Sacrificial Virgins.

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