Monster Friends

Be my friend! Be my friend!

Urghh! It’s not that I’m a nasty anti social hermit. Well, not totally. But it bothers me how people on social sites expect me to call them my friend for the least reason. I know it’s all about building traffic, getting their site pimped higher on Google and other whoresome things. That doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

A friend should be someone that actually matters to you. Someone you actually have kind feelings for and about. Someone you could meet some day and find common ground, good conversation and a few laughs about life. A friend is not someone who clicks on your site and invites themself into your world as if they know you. I know I’m being a bit overboard. But, it does irk me that the term friend has come to mean something very different and not very worthy.

Some people you meet online and do click with. In my case, I go back to read their blogs and see what they are doing. I may never live close enough to just arrange to meet them for coffee on the weekend but I enjoy hearing from them and taking the time to get to know them. Friendship can happen online but it is something that grows rather than something you step into.

I’m not someone who has or keeps friends. I move too much and have grown into the custom of leaving people where I found them. I am not a good friend when it comes to long distance. Though I grew up as the great letter writer of my family and friends I am not that person any more. My Grandparents are all dead and Canada Post just won’t send my letters there. I’ve had a lot of friends over my life and I do think of them now and then. I just don’t get to see them or hear about how their lives have been going. Maybe someday…

I am still getting rid of this cold. It’s getting gone. My head is full of snot, I can hear but it all sounds like it’s coming from another room. Really an interesting experience. Sort of like losing your voice and yet it’s hearing. I was at a Subway shop (a sandwich chain) and the server was talking to a friend (in Greek I think), very loudly. I could not hear her asking me if I wanted pickles and etc over this other woman talking. It was really beginning to peeve me off but I kept a smile and endured. Though, it was horribly rude of them both to behave that way. Sometimes you just pick your battles and I was not quite up for a battle today.

Zack and I had a funny thing happen this past week when I was there. I drove to the bookstore on Mulock which is a fairly busy street in Newmarket. As we neared another busy intersection two ducks crossed the street in front of the car. I had to make that decision… to roadkill or not to roadkill. It was not so simple as being nice and not squishing ducks. There were cars behind me, driving too close as people tend to do. There was a light ahead which had changed from red to green and the oncoming cars were already through it. The ducks were only on my side. But, I did save the ducks.

Zack would have been upset if I had gotten them. I wouldn’t have been happy about it, ducks are not like those ratty squirrels and pigeons, but I did not want another car smashing into my back bumper. (Likely that would have pushed me into the ducks anyway). But, the ducks and myself were lucky this time. I think the car behind must have been watching (paying attention to the road) cause we both waited for Ma and Pa Duckworth and the driver behind did not honk at me. (Neither did the ducks).

Since then I’ve been seeing ducks all over the place. Maybe it’s just the season. But, funny to see pairs of ducks nearly every time I am out since that day.

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