Mix 99.9 :: Horoscopes

Mix 99.9 :: Horoscopes: “The sense that you are lacking something important to nourish your inner growth may be nagging you now. Find some peace and quiet and try to find out what it is. Don’t try to fill the void with distractions. “

That’s interesting cause I’ve been swallowed up with distractions lately, I’m not getting anything done and feeling guilty and frustrated. I always feel there is something missing.

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. I feel like there’s a huge tiger sitting on my bed, watching me. He tells me tomorrow he will take a big bite out of me. (Yes, he can talk, mind to mind or something). But he isn’t biting anything I will really miss. It will hurt but I will live. I think that’s how I feel about 40. I’m not liking it, but I’ll live.

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